101 in 1001

I saw this idea at ahhh sew. Then I read more about it at Triplux. It haunted me alot of the day, so I made my own list. The basics: 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days. They must be measurable.

I am starting May 30, 2006 and my end date is February 24, 2009.

Like most others, the first couple of dozen came pretty quickly, but the later ones were harder to think of. I’ll cross off and add notes as I go.

Bold and crossed out indicates done.
Italics indicates in progress.

For purposes of this list, my week begins on Tuesday.

  1. become regular about church attendance again: (if Sunday mornings are not going to work for me, fine, but get back in to the habit of church once a week)
    • Attended: 3
    • missed for valid reason: 5
    • missed for poor planning or lame excuse: 2
  2. Use up my current stash of 219 balls of yarn. 16+13+11+11+7
  3. play 143 games with my children
    • Thomas and the Magic Railroad
    • phase 10 with girls
    • sat outside and watched them do tricks
    • movie night
  4. visit Grandmother weekly weeks missed:2
  5. write in each kids journal once a month 2
  6. read 33 books, not counting the Bible, 10 of them from here
      From the list:

      Not from the list:

  7. do something with my mom 33 times, not counting visiting Grandmother 4
  8. make 33 pairs of socks(finishing the ones in progress counts) 4
  9. make 33 hats items for charity(knit for giving 3 days per month) 4
  10. bake something 33 times, and birthday cakes don’t count (editing this: birthday cakes DO count, and so does allowing the children to bake BUT. I can only count it once a month) 3
  11. use my breadmaker 33 times 2
  12. be consistent about bre*st exams 1
  13. paint my fingernails 33 times 2
  14. toenails, too 2
  15. use that giant bathtub for a bubble bath-33 times 1
  16. do something with my dad 15 times 2
  17. go out with my husband 15 times, like no kids, and out, o-u-t
  18. do 6 Bible studies
  19. read through the Bible twice, from a real one, not on-line, and let my kids see me doing it
  20. memorize Corinthians 13
  21. memorize Philipians 4 whatsoever is lovely
  22. memorize pertinent verses from Proverbs 31
  23. memorize pertinent verses from Titus
  24. live out 20, 21, 22 and 23
  25. research calcium rich foods, and serve one 3 times a week
  26. try 5 new vegetables
    • Kale: love it, also calcium rich!
  27. try 5 new fruits
  28. add 3 new grains to our repetoire of rice and cous-cous
  29. teach my oldest 3 daughters to sew
  30. SWAP for me Details here
  31. SWAP for DD#1
  32. SWAP for DD#2
  33. SWAP for DD#3
  34. spend 48 hours alone-no tv, no telephone, no computer and NO PEOPLE
  35. spend 48 hours alone with each of my children
  36. repeat 34
  37. repeat 34
  38. repeat 34
  39. add a room onto the house
  40. get a 12-15 passenger van
  41. have a family portrait made
  42. learn to use the upload thing on this blog
  43. practice my photography, maybe with “26 things”
  44. get my Crawford genealogy stuff together
  45. work on Chauncey genealogy
  46. work on Pittman genealogy
  47. work on Jones genealogy
  48. finish the started cross-stitch pieces in my closet or get rid of them
  49. clean out my closet
  50. get the kids to the dentist
  51. get the school-agers to the eye doctor
  52. watch a sunrise
  53. watch a sunset
  54. take a walk in the rain
  55. make those silly wallabys for the family
  56. get film developed
  57. put pictures in scrapbooks/albums
  58. meet Ann
  59. meet Carla
  60. learn to draw
  61. put new flooring in the kitchen and living room
  62. replace living room sofa
  63. replace love seat
  64. wear perfume
  65. highlight my hair
  66. get comfortable with this wysiwyg editor
  67. write a ….something
  68. have a pattern published by an on-line knitting mag
  69. get my bills current
  70. keep them that way
  71. develop and implement a savings plan
  72. get a dangity-dang debit card already
  73. get a new phone (yeah, I want that caller ID to work) 5/31/2006 THANKS MAMA!
  74. be a consistent early-riser, we’ll start at 9 and work up to 7
  75. plant a small garden
  76. plant flowers in the front yard, and tend them
  77. plant trees in the front yard
  78. build a deck in the back
  79. build a real porch in the front, covered, with chairs even
  80. learn how to back up this blog, and do it
  81. get a mammogram
  82. get a checkup
  83. quit smoking (there, I’ve said it)
  84. use that card box! use it, not just look at it
  85. go to a wool festival
  86. go to the beach
  87. have an article or pattern published by a paper magazine
  88. re-catalog my stash ending up adding 52 balls to the count, between adding in the HSY yarn and miscounts, but the pics are current as of 6/19/2006
  89. clean out my sewing cabinet
  90. make a list of our favorite foods
  91. use that to plan menus
  92. find a spell checker that will work with this wysiwig editor or cancel 48 5/30/2006
  93. start a knitting group in Leland
  94. publish my unpattern sweater pattern
  95. write my sidetoside pattern
  96. buy Sally Melville’s Color
  97. and Texture (when it comes out)
  98. go to the bookstore and buy a copy of every knitting mag except IK, which I get
  99. renew IK sub and get at least one more sub the new sub will be Knitters
  100. make several cute baby hats /sweaters to give as gifts, and give them while the baby is still new, replenishing as needed
  101. spellcheck and post this list, and make it a page 5/30/2006

and also, perhaps as backup

  • finish a blanket square monthly as long as the scraps hold out
  • replace dishwasher
  • make/buy a birdfeeder. Keep it filled and watch the birds
  • finish the quilt I’ve had the top made for for years, like 6
  • upgrade my digicam
  • make a book of centuries for myself
  • keep a nature notebook/journal
  • make a household notebook and keep it updated
  • get my kids portraits made in their birthday month every year
  • make my next list
  • whiten my teeth didn’t do any good, but it’s done
  • have a walgreens makeover
  • do that master knitter thing, or at least start it
  • see Fiddler on the Roof