Ya’ll know I fight the battle of the stuff. Stuff here, stuff there, and we just keep stuffing stuff everywhere. I really need to get some of this stuff out of here, but I am out of storage! What I’d really like to do is put some of this stuff in a self storage unit.

I used this storage search engine and discovered that there are three storage units right in this small town of mine! I can even get a quote, if and when I make up my mind that I am ready to move some of this stuff out of here. Truthfully, we use most of it, so I don’t know what could go, except my collectible cabinets, and I’m just not sure I want to let those go just yet. I really enjoy looking at the pretty things in them.

Ha! I wonder if I can just add a storage unit on to the side of my house, equip it with water, electricity and heat/ac and call it an addition?