Size what?

I know you must remember a couple of my cracks about my incredible shrinking behind. Well, I have empirical proof that I have not lost my mind, but that my sit-upon is indeed gone. Mama brought me home a pair of jeans to try on. Ladies and gentlemen, they are a size EIGHT!. Eight I say! I haven’t worn an 8 since middle school. Muhahahahahaah. And I finally got on the scale. I’ve lost 15 pounds. Nope, not looking for it either, since I am satisfied that if it comes back it will attach itself anywhere except my backside.

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One thought on “Size what?

  1. w00t! I want to lose my tummy fat, but actually I just want it lifted up into the boobage area. Oh I forgot to hug your {{boob}}. Are you feeling any better?

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