I know I’ve posted quite a bit about hotels lately. I guess this season just makes people think of traveling. I have traveled across the country at least twice by car/van, and my circumstances were different each time, so I looked for different things in hotels.

It can be difficult to find what you need by telephone, and most of my traveling was done before the age of the internet. You may be a bit luckier, since you can harness the power of the internet for help in choosing a hotel.

The first time I traveled from North Carolina to Colorado. I was twenty years old, young dumb and full of bubble gum, seven months pregnant and invincible. We had to spend a couple of nights in hotels that trip. The main things we looked for were heat and proximity to the highway. See, we got stuck in a snow storm in Kentucky (I think), and we had to ride it out in the hotel. It was pretty miserable, because we were ready to be on the road, we knew NO ONE, and we could not get out and do anything. Just getting to the dining room to get a meal was a major snow-drifty big deal.

The second time, I traveled from Kansas to North Carolina. No snow this time!! But I had two small children, and was again, heavily pregnant. This time we needed rooms that allowed more than three people. Believe it or not, those are more difficult to find. The hotels cite “fire code”, but I am just about sure the local fire departments did not intend for a single family composed of mom, dad and their minor children to need two separate rooms! I’ve actually had that fight several times with different hotel clerks, believe it or not.

Occasionally, we have traveled with pets, which brought it’s own set of issues. By far the best hotel room I’ve ever had was one that we stayed in during the move from Colorado Springs to Kansas. That room had three beds and a huge bathroom. Which was nice, because we had the dog with us, and I was ………..nope, fooled ya! NOT pregnant.

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