I Don’t Want to go Here

My dog is in a bad way. She’s just laying in the yard, and she will not get up. Her eyes are very sunken. I think she may even be paralyzed, because it looks like she tried to get up. The spot where her back feet are is dug out. My dog, she is 13 and a half years old. I can’t even sit out there and pet her. I can’t touch her at all. I put water right next to her nose, and she did not even rouse. She’s just laying there, twitching.

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5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to go Here

  1. (((HUGS))) I’m right there with you. My old dog is 14 and I came home yesterday to find him sprawling out on the kitchen floor in a puddle of urine because he couldn’t get up. I know the time is near to put him down, but the selfish part of me doesn’t want to let him go.

  2. My golden did this many years ago, and it was assumed she was poisoned or something. The vet practically wanted my soul in terms of payment (I had to use someone different since our vet was out of town) so I took her home and hoped for the best.

    I was nursing at the time, so I grabbed a irrigation syringe from work, the kind you use to flush PEG tubes (stomach feeding tubes) and force fed her water every half hour (a few ounces at a time) and just loved on her, talking to her. It took a few days but she came around.

    Hang in there *hugs*

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