Bra Buster

[23:09] CassKnits: wanna hear my funny story how I came to have Daddy’s hankies in my brassiere?
[23:09] angkm67: yes. i do actually
[23:09] CassKnits: LOL
[23:09] CassKnits: I was sitting on the floor, wrapping
[23:10] CassKnits: I looked down, and there was this pink strap dangling
[23:10] CassKnits: I picked it up, looked at it, and said to myself
[23:10] CassKnits: “daggone if that doesn’t look like my bra”
[23:10] CassKnits: and umm, it was
[23:10] CassKnits: my bra had busted
[23:11] angkm67: ROFL!!!!!
[23:11] CassKnits: so, mama and I looked at it, and she said, “oh, you can probably fix that”
[23:11] CassKnits: and I showed her all the other places it was worn through, and she said, oh never mind, and threw it away
[23:11] CassKnits: sooooooooo
[23:11] CassKnits: she had a 38C there (she now takes a 40, but this bra is NEW)
[23:12] CassKnits: and I put it on
[23:12] CassKnits: but I needed just a touch of padding to cover everything, iykwim
[23:12] angkm67: lol
[23:12] CassKnits: and Daddy was due home anytime
[23:12] CassKnits: so, we folded up two hankies to use as bra pads
[23:12] angkm67: LOL
[23:12] CassKnits: and now I have Daddy’s hankies in my bra
[23:12] CassKnits: and yes, I’ll be blogging that
[23:13] angkm67: good!

And there you have it folks, just another crazy moment in an otherwise sedate life. HA!

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