Button, Button, who’s got the Button

Well I do, of course. Awhile back, I slipped a button over in my sidebar, and I think I forgot to tell you about it. You all know that I write blog ads, and I make a fair penny to do so. I know I am not the only one who can use some extra cash, so I’d like to invite you to click that button whenever you want to learn more about PayPerPost.

I’ve met a lot of neat bloggers since I started with PPP, and formed some great friendships. And of course, nothing beats the feeling when I get paid to blog about the things I love. When you click the button, it’ll take you to ParPerPost where you can find out all about getting paid to blog about the things you love. If you join, I’ll get $15 bucks when your first post is approved.

One thought on “Button, Button, who’s got the Button

  1. I’ll be doing this when our current ad contract expires, I’m sure. And I’ll be sure to click through on one of your linkies. Is it better to do it here or at cassknits? Which gets you more buckolas?

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