201/364/2015 Confessions of a Life Long Journaler

Admittedly not all of them are full.  The confession is that a few of them are missing and this stack doesn’t include the ones I started for each of my children.


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My hand is appreciative




On a random Sunday morning to time for myself. And to journaling.  But not to a page quota or a topic. Just to the time, paper, and ink.



This is the floor beside my desk as I put the finishing touches on the final paper of my undergrad career. Don’t judge me, I’m just a waiting game away from BSW.

Amusement Park

I think.  I think this is like a rollercoaster.  The climb from non-entity to essential was a steady click, click, click.  The view at the top was breath-taking and beautiful.  It stirred my soul.  The plunge from essential to optional?  That was unexpected, and I think I may shatter when we hit the endpoint.

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