I was very into collectibles for a long time. I have a huge collection of Boyd’s Bears, both plush and resin (I am trying to sell them, if you are in the market, LOL!). Now, with the family as large as it is, i am really wishing I had the room that all those collectibles take up.

However, I was browsing today at Capodimonte, and I was struck by these pieces. The Capodimonte porcelain is imported from Italy, and it certainly has that Old World charm. The selection is made by artisans using traditional methods from the 18th century. This fine porcelain was once reserved for royalty.

The colors are very rich and vibrant, as in this piece, called Happy Company:

Can’t you almost hear the music?

Or much more monochromatic, as in this Mantel Clock:

The detail in Old Man with Dogs is just phenomenal:

Are they loving him, or just after his spaghetti?

And this one is my favorite, I think:

The roses just appeal to me, with their simple coloring, and detailed blooms. Since it is a wishing well, It seems fair to wish I had it, yes?

Of course, at these prices, I won;t be buying any of it in the near future, but I can sure enjoy the eye-candy.