Vacation at Home

I live in a tourist state, as if you did not know that. Many, many people are familiar with the beaches, but North Carolina also has mountains. The width of the state means that it takes the better part of a day to cross it, and we’ll meet you and greet you at either end. Well ok, maybe not the east end, because you can’t come here that way unless you walk on water.

One of the things I would like to do but never have is to take a vacation at home. I’ve never been to the mountains of North Carolina except to drive through them on my way home from Colorado or Kansas. Pretty sad, huh? I’d like to get a house instead of a hotel when I do that. There are many companies that have North Carolina vacation rentals, but VLBO appeals to me, since the owners themselves are listing the properties.

My family never took vacations when I as growing up, believe it or not. My parents would have time off work, yes, but rarely at the same time, and we never went anywhere. We haven’t traveled as a family recently, but when we lived in Kansas, the children and I would sometimes go with DH when he went out of town for business. We had lots of good times seeing the museums and other attractions in St. Louis and Chicago. I ought to do that here, yk?

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