Business Meeting

We had a business meeting at church tonight. For the first time in my churched life, I left a business meeting excited! I asked this morning to be allowed to work on the church’s website, so I was particularly interested in the technology report. I found out that our tech guy has been making CDs of the sermons, and they are available right after the service! How cool is that? He also shared that we’ll be putting out podcasts of the services on iTunes. I don’t know if they plan to use free podcast hosting for that or not.

The other exciting thing was hearing the youth pastor speak in front of a group for the first time. I’ve spoken to him individually of course, but he just blew me away tonight when he discussed what he has planned for our youth. He is a dynamic speaker (and remember this was just a business meeting), and the vision he has for our youth is one I can totally get behind as a parent. The youth are going to be incredibly blessed by him.

I just opened my notebook to pull my notes out, and my paper is gone. DD#2 told me one had blown away, and of course, it was that one. Sigh. I do remember we talked briefly about the Sedar, and OH!!!!!!!!!! They bought chairs! Wonderful padded chairs. TWO INCHES THICK! Do I need to tell you how excited my non-butt is over that? We’ve been using the folding metal ones.

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