I have spoken very often of my love for coffee. One thing I haven’t mentioned much is that I also love a good cup of tea, and I keep several varieties here for us to enjoy, in addition to the iced tea we drink by the gallon. We all enjoy the “flavored teas” as we call them.

Here in my small town, we have do not have a great variety of teas like you find in some larger cities, so to find the really special stuff, you have to order it on the internet. Grand Tea Stand is one such internet shop. They ship their teas in air-tight metal containers to protect them from air and light. As you know, air and light are not friends with your tea, so this protection ensures a better tea.

Grand ships by Fed-Ex for a flat $5. The prices of even the specialty teas come in at less than fifty cents per cup (and usually much less), and that’s an excellent price when you take into account the health benefits of tea. This white blueberry tea needs to come see me, I think.

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