It’s a busy day

Today I have a list of out of the house things to do. I MUST go to the grocery store. That’s like a red priority. Grocery Store NOW! I also promised to fix the girl scout leader’s daughter’s hair for her ball tonight at 3:00. DS#2 has a scout event at 4:45, and DDs 2 and 3 have youth group at 6:00. It’s already almost 1, and DH is not home, so I am already behind. I may end up doing the shopping while the girls are at youth.

Somewhere in all that, I have the normal household stuff to try to get a grip on. But first I must shower!

In fact the only thing I am almost certain I don’t have to do today is check out the listings for Raleigh North Carolina real estate, but only because I am way too busy to move right now.