A Wire Man from Hunger and Other Stories

I read a short story tonight. I’m still mulling it over, have not yet decided what I think of it. It is called A Wire Man, and comes from a new book, Hunger and Other Stories by Ian Randall Wilson. I wish there were time for me to read the whole book, or at least another couple of stories before having to give an opinion.

The story, for me, was difficult to follow for a little more than the first half. It seemed as if the introduction, the background, was interspersed too much with the current action. Or something. It just wasn’t quite right, it was….jumbled. It then began to flow more easily, and the last quarter was read with breathless speed. BUT, and it’s a very big but, if I were telling this story, not writing it, this is *exactly* how it would come out–all in a rush, with frequent backtracks and repetitions, and jumbled-ness. So, I’m left thinking the author achieved his purpose after all. Did he mean to leave me needing to read the story again to feel like I understood? I don’t know, but if so, he was successful.

In truth, I do not know if I like the story or not, and it will be several hours before I do know. I’ll be thinking on it for at least that long, and therefore, the author has definitely met the ultimate goal of all authors which is to have someone thinking about what you have said, even when they are no longer looking at your words– compelled to read those already read words again, and also to find fresh ones.

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