I caught Wally

I blogged some time ago about wanting to listen to Wally Swinton‘s Rhythm and Blues radio show. I was successful today, and am embarrassed to report that it was my own error that prevented me from listening before. I am so used to on-demand audio and video that I missed the fact that you have to tune in between 3 and 6, Monday-Friday to catch the show.

I listened to several songs today, and they were delightful. I have to admit I was surprised by some of the language Wally used, but his history lessons were very intriguing. It’s always interesting to me to find out the story behind the story. He had quite a bit to say before Mrs. Jones, and I had to chuckle as he was talking– Wally, I’ve always heard it as “young, dumb and full of bubble gum.”

I’d really like to be able to hear the show when I have time to listen, since I can’t keep the headphones on for very long while the kids are awake. A podcast would be an awesome addition to the regular show, even if it were just the first hour. Having the show repeat would be an even better option in some ways, because then I could catch the whole thing later at night.

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