Easter is right around the corner. Many are looking for first communion gifts, most are shopping for new clothes, and it’s real easy to forget what the season is about, even in the midst of celebrating it. I’m reminded of the old song, “I serve a risen Savior, He’s in the world today. I know that He is with me, whatever men may say.”

I know many people who get all caught up in Christmas, and that’s the focal point of their religious year. For me, it is Easter. I love Christmas, but it is Easter that finishes the story, see. If Christ had not died and then been raised from the dead, then there would be no point in Christmas at all.

Next Sunday, I am preparing food for my church body to celebrate Passover. We’re being careful to keep the meal kosher. I’ll make oven-fried chicken tenders, and serve those in spaghetti sauce with pasta. We’ll also have corn and green beans. I have to cook fried chicken between now and then, because I can’t use butter or bacon to season the vegetables. You’ll notice there’s no bread on the menu, either, because there can be no yeast.

It amazes me still, the correlation between the Old Testament rules and Christ. Remember when
He said He came to fulfill the law, and not to do away with it? That’s what he meant. We are free, because the law has been fulfilled. The impossible law that bound us to our sin has been fulfilled. Hallelujah!

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