Please Come Back

If you visit this blog today, and it is an ugly mess, please don’t write me off, just go look at some vacation rentals and come back later. I need to do some work on the theme, and things are liable to get a bit jumbled at times.

12 thoughts on “Please Come Back

  1. I did figure out the quirks, Carla. I also broke it pretty badly several times in the process. Whee!!! *cass learns new things*

  2. Looks great to me! I really like it. Good work!

    I tried to see what the original looked like by scrolling to the bottom of your site to see who create it but the sites down due to bandwidth restrictions. Oh well.

  3. Thank you all for the kind words.

    Tricia, it looked quite a bit different. Only 2 columns for starters, and a lot less like “me”.

  4. I like the color scheme. I’m in the processing of changing webhosts, which means a total new design….yeah… πŸ™ The backend software has a bunch of pre-made templates but they look just like that….templates. I have to say, this one is pretty nice.

  5. Charles, I haven’t met a theme I couldn’t live with after enough modifications. I usually figure out waht colors I want and start from there. Then I modify the one that’s closest to what I see in my mind until I get what I want. I cannot build a theme, as I do not know how, but I can sure take other people’s apart, LOL!

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