Older yes, wiser questionable

All I can say is ouch. I’m getting old ya’ll. I went skating last night, and I hurt myself. Now, in my teens, I was a very good skater, so the fact that i got hurt so badly is a real surprise. The first fall was bad enough that it made my lower leg go numb, but I knew I was going down, and could get my other body parts where they needed to be. That’s not the one that is causing me to think wistfully of Canada drugs.

I got back on the horse that threw me. Cause that’s what you do, right? The second fall is the one that took me out. I was just standing there,, and my wheels flew out from under me. Literally: just. standing. there. And this time, I did not know I was going to fall, and my arm was sorta behind me and that’s where it stayed. I landed on the heel of my left hand, then my elbow. Last night my whole forearm was hurting, and this morning my shoulder has joined the chorus.

And will I go skating again? That’s where the “wiser questionable” part comes in, because the answer is “most definitely yes”.

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3 thoughts on “Older yes, wiser questionable

  1. That must be frustrating. I get that away even when there are things that my mind conceives of that I wish to accomplish that isn’t even humanly possible. I don’t want to know what it’s like when I can’t even accomplish things that ARE within the realm of humanity.

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