Oh, I have sunk to a whole new level of horrible personhood. (Is sunk correct? I can’t decide). Truly, the depth of my depravity knows no bounds. I have developed a horrible aversion to housework of any sort. I’ve developed a coinciding aversion to frizzy hair and old makeup as well. So, I have a filthy house, and a bag full of hair and face stuff on the kitchen table.

Ok, let me correct that. I have a clean reading nook, and laundry area, and I have a bag full of hair and face stuff, minus the hot sticks that are in my bathroom. The rest of the house, well, it’ll get there, one new goody at a time. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll let myself have the new shampoo. Right after I clean the cabinet over the frig and the frig itself. Whatever it takes, ya know?

6 thoughts on “Bribery

  1. ROFLAO! I feel your misery.
    I too have been a hermit blogger lately.
    Yesterday I had to take a shower because I HAD to! 😛

  2. These things happen. Go buy some new shampoo, it will make the world look a lot better. Or you’ll feel better, which is practically the same thing.

  3. Hey, I get a new bra now. Insomnia struck again tonight, so I cleaned. I’m so lazy, and so behind I’ll still be earning my stuff when my birthday rolls around.

  4. I go through times like that. I like to clean pockets or sections of rooms at a time. I never take on the entire project at once! LOL

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