More Thoughts on Detox

I posted the other day about a drug rehab program that I had some rather serious issues with, so i thought I would follow up on that by talking about the suboxone treatment programs offered by Meditox. Suboxone is an opiate antagonist, so that you can get off opiate based pain-killers without suffering from physical withdrawal.

Meditox takes it a bit further than just the physical though. They offer one on one case management, therapy and even aftercare recommendations. They help treat the whole addiction, yet you don’t have to check out of life to kick the drugs. And unlike some outfits that will treat you over the phone, they do require you to go to on of their offices to initiate treatment. You only have to go once, and they have offices in Florida, California, Texas or Illinois. Full treatment generally lasts six weeks, and a Meditox team member is available 24/7 during treatment.

Here’s a quick quote from their site:

The Meditox Method is different from other treatment programs because it is individually modified for each patient, taking into consideration not only their medical history, but their personal issues as well. It is a holistic, bio-psycho-social approach. This is not cookie-cutter medicine. The Meditox Method is a program created to suit the needs of the individual – one patient at a time.

I think that attitude of treating patients as individuals, with different emotional and mental needs is what enables their patients to break the cycle of addiction.