Get a Better Pillow

I forgot to tell ya’ll that I am sleeping a bit better these days. Of course, since I haven’t complained of insomnia in a while, you might have figured that out. So, what made the difference for me? I replaced my old and worn out pillow with a fresh fluffy one! It had been years since I got a new pillow, and it has made a big difference in my sleeping.

Now, my pillow is plain, because I did not know about the mediflow pillow. This pillow sounds like a dream come true (ha! I slay myself) for insomniacs. You fill it with water depending on your preferred sleep position, and it adjusts itself to your movements through the night, reducing neck pain.

You know what else it does? It can “reduce the affects of aging such as dark circles under your eyes and wrinkles”. Ya’ll. You don’t even know. I woke up this morning with a wrinkle in my face the size of the Grand Canyon! It was a CREVICE, people. I smiled at myself to put on my blush, and almost dropped the compact. It went from under the middle of my eye half way down my cheek, and it was caused by the way I was sleeping. I know this because it’s not as bad now as it was earlier. Listen, I don’t need that kind of scare. I don’t mind the gradual wrinkles, but, geez!! Give a girl a little warning. And check the pillow out. You can find it at Penney’s and Target as well as at the link above.