Find Me

On one side of now is menopause
and power surges and also more
wrinkles, thin skin and arthritis, and
brittle bones and even more gray hair.

On the other side is giggling all
night over nothing, pink lace, giddy
dreams about the future with starry
eyes and sharp short excited in- breaths.

How long can I teeter here in the
middle with the best of both worlds at
my fingertips: between child and crone,
older, wiser, better, beautiful?

One thought on “Find Me

  1. Hopefully this mid point will last for a long time. I’m about in the same time as you are, too. I just hit 40 this year. I actually like being 40. Now I was a kid for half my life, and adult for half (if you break it at 20/20). The first half of the second half, tho, I was pretty dumb. 🙂

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