Passion? Purpose? Goals! Part 2

Yesterday, I touched on goals, so if you missed that, you may want to back up and read it. I mentioned Nero and laundry and began to differentiate the difference between goals and the steps we take to achieve them. My own tendency is to over-focus on the steps, kinda like not being able to see the forest for the trees. I need to write down the large goals and also the steps, otherwise, I forget where I was going when I began the journey, and I began to meander aimlessly, distracted by various rabbits, once the first step is achieved.

Imagine for a minute the difference between paper planes and RC airplanes. They both do the same thing, fly through the air, but I think we will all admit that the one with electric power and a guidance system does the job better. Goals are like that difference to us, they provide the power and steering for our flight through life. You can meander around crashing into various objects until your nose is all bent out of shape (yep, I meant that the idiomatic way), sailing only for short un-controlled bursts, OR you can set a reasonable course and engage in a controlled flight plan in order to get there.

So, let me challenge you: Today, think about where you want to be this time next year. Or what you want to do. Or have. I’m talking about the big things: I want to go to Europe for a month, I want to make a quilt, I want to build an extension on my home, I want to have my bills paid off. These are big things that take many small steps. And after you think about the big things, think about the steps it will take to get there. And write them down.

Okay, my time is about up, but I am not done. I guess that means we’ll be having a part 3. 🙂