Time Flies

A month ago yesterday, I wrote a post about the The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk, and I encouraged you to visit the site and sign up to be a team captain on a local walk. I’m bringing it up again, and I’ll be mentioning it frequently from now until my own walk which is the 13th of October. Honestly, the days have just flown by, and I did not even realize how close my own walk was until just now. 32 days, ya’ll. And I seriously need to get cracking because I don’t have any team members yet. *GULP*

As you can see from this screenshot, I have a ways to go before I reach my fundraising goal, not to mention the other three quarters of my team!


I have totally got to get of my can with this and I need some ideas. The folks I would normally ask to contribute to an event of this nature are busy with another huge funding need, and while that may be settled closer to walk time, now is just not the time to even ask. However, I may be able to get a couple folks to walk with me, and they know people that I don’t so, maybe, just maybe, I can get someone that way. Honestly, I am getting kind of skeered ya’ll. The more I think about it the more overwhelmed I get. I need to get my self-talk straight and get activated, so I can do this thing.

And so can you! They need more team captains! It’s not hard, honest. You just have to make time to do it. An hour or so a week talking to people, and then a morning or less in October to make a difference in lives all over the world. Come on! Heh. you might as well get on with it, cause I am going to be saying it again and again. Memory Walk. Team Captain. Sign Up Early. Just Do It.

Memory Walk

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