I should get out more

You know what I need? I need the Wee Sing Bible Songs book and cd. I need it for Sunday School, and I have needed it for several months. Buy you know what else? I never get to town. And when I DO get to town, I am in a hurry or with my mother who is on a hurry, or can’t find it.

Now, I happen to know the words to the song I am teaching the children (don’t pat me on the back too much, it’s just the books of the Bible), but they need to start practicing with the music. Otherwise…well, would you want to stand up in fromt of the congregation leading a group of kids who had only just heard the music to the song they’d been singing for months? Nope, didn’t think so. I’ll probably end up ordering the book from christianbook, but that only solves the current problem, and not the bigger issue.

The bigger issue is that I have once again managed to put off spending time on myself, and I know that when I do that, I start to get frayed at the edges. I’ve been working really hard lately at remaining on a more even keel, and that does require some recharging of my own batteries. Also, you need to know that football season is coming up, and I will be scheduled 3 nights a week plus Saturdays from August fourth until at least Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas. Here’s our poll:

Will Cass or will Cass not make it to New Year’s without blowing a gasket? Is the likelihood of achieving that goal significantly increased by planning down time for herself, by herself? Is she smart enough yet to make that a priority item?

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