Self Portrait Sunday 10/26/2008

IMG 0009

So here I am on Saturday around noon, churning through my to do list. Why in the heck do I feel compelled to keep on like this? Every day, there is more stuff to do than minutes to do it in. And I am not just whining when I say that–I seriously need to sit down and figure that out, because this is just not right. I mean, Biblically, it’s not right, even, to never have a minute to just BE.

How are we supposed to be still and know He is God, if we are never still?
Where are my boundaries, and how can I make sure that they are respected?

Yeah, this is the first only shot I took, and I don’t even know what it looks like. I’m not taking the time today to make sure it’s “acceptable”.

Sometime this week, remind me to tell you how I said “I need 5 minutes” and walked into my room and shut the door, only to have it opened not 45 seconds later. If I look a bit harried, now you know why.

Ack, my glasses reflected. I hate that. Absolutely hate it. Not changing it anyway. 😛