Day 48 of Project 365 Feb 17 You May Panic Now

Here is my sweater as it appeared on Feb 17. It was right about this time that I admitted to myself that I most likely was NOT going to finish it in time for the ball on the 20th.


I was still knitting on the first sleeve, you see. And later that night, I realized that the written pattern was incorrect for the crocheted lace trim, though the chart was correct. Right as I finished up the lace on that sleeve. Unfortunately for me, I had followed the words instead of the pictures. I elected to press on incorrectly in the interest of time and just see what happened.

One thought on “Day 48 of Project 365 Feb 17 You May Panic Now

  1. Hey I just came across your blog today. You have a nice hobby. I’m thinking of doing the same thing. I’m not sure where to begin though. I think crocheting is a pretty useful hobby. 😉

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