Lots of mental stew today. You get a smorgasbord.

This morning, I have been playing the “what would it take” game. So far, I figure 6 bedrooms, provided one of them has a room off either side, and 8 if not. So about 3,000 square feet, minimum.

I spent some time out at the hospital after work yesterday with GirlCousin. We talked about a lot of things, including facial hair. Bleh. We apparently do not need to buy natural testosterone, as we have plenty of it. BTW, and unrelated to anything we discussed yesterday, did you know that it is testosterone that is responsible for the sex drive in both males and females? Yeah. I am so a fount of useless information, but there ya go. Facial hair and hornies, that’s what it’s good for.

Umm, look at my latest picture, post under this one. Do I look anorexic to you? Cause some dingbat who had known me for all of 15 minutes told me I had the symptoms of anorexia. He overheard me say my stomach hurt every time I ate and that I don’t like stuff in my mouth and that I had lost 30 pounds and jumped to this fantastic conclusion. I promptly took my anorexic ass to the cafeteria and had lemon shortcake. That’s ok, he also called GirlCousin fat. We don’t like him, he is dumb.

I also read the first chapter of TAW yesterday, though I didn’t do the exercises yet. I found myself about 48 times. I’d been wondering what I would do if a blog post idea came up while I was doing my morning pages, and today I found out. See, you aren’t supposed to go back and read them, so when one came up, I just drew an arrow in the margin pointing to it, and now I can go back and pick it up and blog it. Which I do plan to do sometime this week, but it may not be today. Today, I have a doctor appointment and Country wants to hang out with me for awhile. And I am going back out to the hospital for a quick visit with AuntieEm.

Continuing our backward trek, I went to Clarkton Sunday and hung out with GirlCousin and AuntieEm. That was such fun for me. People, I planned the trip at 1am Sunday morning! I left my house spontaneously and without being under compulsion. For a gal who lived in her room just a couple months ago, this is major stuff! From my room to the living room to out of the house. Alone, no bodyguard.

And it was GREAT to just say, I’ll be back. Just like when I went on my Artist Date–no one to call and check in with or get permission from. Awesome. I’m reveling in both mental and physical freedom today. It’s amazing out here. Oh, did I catch you off guard with my moment of truth there? Umm, I thought I warned you a few posts back that was going to happen. No need to check, it was on the post called “Wow, Just Wow”. I remember.

Added bonus for Sunday, That One met us in Whiteville. He got the seal of approval from the family there.

There ya go, pretty much caught up. Hope you didn’t mind going backwards. That was just easiest for me.

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