Cheater SPS

I’m going to cheat today. Everyone says my kids look like me, and I look like an unmadeup version of myself today, so I am going to sub in DaBaby. Here she is after playing for a couple of hours in the wet park this morning:

Don’t worry, there will be a shower in her very near future.

So, that’s what I did this morning instead of church. I know that I probably missed some good music. Guitar Guy played today, I think. And it’s always a good sound. But I wanted to reconnect with my kids, and spend some time in a bigger cathedral. I felt the chilly morning air. I journaled. I read a book on using writing to heal from trauma. I watched a squirrel dig a hole in the mulch, looking for some squirrely thing, and then neatly cover it back up. I listened to my kids laughing and playing capture the flag. We talked and made jokes. We went for a snack and then to a second park. It was fun. And really, is the music of heaven made with rickenbacker or with joyful laughter, free as a child?

I think next time, I might leave the book at home, and just be. I’m not sure yet. I still have a hard time doing that. It’s as if I feel compelled to spend every minute interacting with someone or something. I can’t just sit and BE. Why not?