Hmmm, new old toys!


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So, as you can see, I spent some time updating the blog.  I’ve changed the theme (I’m widgetized now!).  I’ve installed Jetpack.  I’ve gone back to visual posting so I can use Zemanta again.  And I put in a proof reader that promises to alert me if I am about to piss off half the population by using biased language such as “founding fathers.”  Unfortunately, that proofreader isn’t savvy enough to understand that there weren’t any founding mothers.  Unless you count Abigail Adams.  I’ve read that John actually talked to her about politics and such.

I have cooked lunch.  Ok, it was breakfast for me and lunch for them.  I have perused Facebook. Repeatedly.  I have played Entanglement.  I have discovered that my favorite make-up company ever, Aromaleigh, is back in business. I have sat on the couch and listened to the thunder, and right this very minute I am waiting for the rain.  I can’t decide if I want to read or sleep while I wait.

I had intentions of folding the laundry piled up in the dining area but if that happens, it will be after it cools off some.  Which it should do shortly.  I just realized the teen who slept on my couch last night turned off the fan that I have set by the ac vent.  Silly children, don’t they know I get too hot to think clearly without it?

I’m really trying to get back my blogging mojo.  I’ve become very used to Facebook’s easy share and comment routine, but that forum doesn’t really allow for the full development of ideas.  It’s been a while since I blogged with regularity, I know.  But it’s been even longer since I let my political views out on the blog.

Umm, yeah, it’s cooling off like I thought it would, but I am still sleepy.  I think I will get my book and pretend to read a bit while I wait for the sandman.  What am I reading?  The History of US, Book 1.  So glad you asked!


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  1. Nope, but I did have to crop the pic to fit the header space, and I chose this section of the original intentionally. I’m hoping to move a lot of my political ramblings here instead of facebook, so I wanted the continuity between this page and my facebook profile. And, I am trying to build up my online “persona” again, so ….it helps to have a recognizable image. No one else owns my same bookshelf with books stacked exactly like that, yk?

    You will like Zemanta, I am sure!

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