January 13, In Which We Finish and Begin Scarves

It’s been another relaxing day. I finished watching the first season of “Jericho” with my boy, and I finished The Traitorous Scarf. First, I tried knitting the roll out. Then I tried crocheting the roll out. Then I resorted the just sewing the darn sides together, as I feared I would have to do in the first place. But it’s done. And it’s now called The BabyMan. At 3 feet long and 3 inches wide….. the measurements explain the name change.

Babyman scarf

I also did the lice treatment and 2 loads of laundry on “sanitize.” Who says lice can’t be fun? Behold, the gel mohawk. Laughing beats crying any day of the week!


And I started a new project. I have not accurately captured this color–I assure you it is a wonderful rich brown. It’s Sensations Angel Hair from Joann in “Dark Brown,” and it is becoming a cat scarf for my cousin. The yarn is working up much more easily that I thought it would, and it feels fabulous. But I do have one word of warning. Don’t Make A Mistake. I did, and I ended up having to cut out about 3 inches of work. As in, with scissors. The stuff is harder than mohair to rip back.

It claims to be a bulky weight, but I am working it with a 5.5 mm hook with good results. And I so hope I have some of this yarn left over. Because Lord Knows, I do not have enough damn scarves. *eyeroll*