January 27, In Which We Start A Jar of Joy

So, I decided just before the end of 2012 that I would keep a Jar of Joy for 2013, and tonight I put it together. The very fancy jar is the plastic one that held my first purchase of Arborio, which is what I use to make the risotto I have posted pictures of. The lone item inside (for now) is one half of an oyster shell found on Chesapeake Bay *with its matching half* by my friend. He kept one side for his jar and I took the other for mine.

jar of joy

The other thing of note that I did today was to write my first piece of publicly consumable erotica. No, you won’t be seeing it here. Muhahahahahahahaha!

Oh, and wash my kids’ heads with lice shampoo, since it has been 10 days since the first time I did it. God, my hands reek!