Photo Challenges for May 9: Leaves and D

These are the leaves (and a bud) on the rose bush I planted in honor of Grandmother.   The size of this bush belies it’s age.  I think I planted it about 5 years ago, but the kids try to kill it at least twice a year by running past it and breaking it off.  Like love, it keeps coming back.  It blooms in the spring, as one would expect.  But it also puts out a single bloom every Christmas.


I actually have plans to do a memorial type rose bed on day.  You know, when I live where things will grow.  And this plant will be going with me if I ever manage to leave here.

This is my desk, across from my cubbies, which I also need to clean.


Perhaps now that all my grades are posted I can tear myself away from the computer and do that.

One thought on “Photo Challenges for May 9: Leaves and D

  1. I am hoping one day we can be next door neighbors. We know what the soil at the farm can do with plants when they have a little TLC.

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