Daily Pics for May 16

K is for Keys


Gratitude: Something Old
This picture is from 1984. I put it back on display about three years ago, and when I ripped all my photos down in a fit of…..(I can’t even describe my emotional state that night in words) this was the only one that came back. I still know the young man in it, though neither of us look much like we did back when.

I keep this particular photo up to remind me that
1)people are precious, and we need to be careful with them.
2)sometimes things happen and it’s nobody’s fault, it’s just a set of events that occur, mostly unrelated and yet coalescing into a consequence no one saw coming or even meant.
3) sometimes you get back a thing you lost.
4) I used to look like Linda Carter (hey, not all my thoughts are serious!).


Today’s projects: Make a mending kit which will begin with the stuff in this basket. Do some sorting work on that pile beside the basket. It’s mostly scrappable stuff.

shelf before

The finished mending basket:


The scrapping shelf. Supplies on the right, scrappables on the left.