Smiles for May 31

Wow, how in the world has 5/12 of a year flown by so quickly?  I see it daily as I read through Simple Abundance, but still. How?

  1. 60 Squats.  Not that I enjoyed them, mind you, just that I was able to make myself do them.
  2. Re-sorting, re-picking, re-planning my Japa Mala.  That probably sounds counter-intuitive, but I really enjoy logic and patterning.
  3. Watching the garbage guy pick up two bags off the ground and put it on the truck.  They aren’t required to do that, and it has taken two weeks now to get rid of the pile the boys generated out of their room, combined with our normal household waste.
  4. Meeting my word count for the day.  Making stuff up is difficult for me still, and i always feel accomplished when I meet the daily quota.  Particularly when I am repeatedly interrupted by the door and the phone and urgent texts.
  5. Not having to pay return shipping on that Amazon package.  They will deduct it from the refund.
  6. Home-made deep dish pizza pie.  OMG good.
  7. Finding an unopened carton of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream in the freezer.  But it isn’t unopened anymore.

That’s it for the day.  Not that it wasn’t a good day, because it was.  Just that I am ready to do other stuff now.