Quick update

I’m on mini-sabbatical for a few days.  Doing  lot of reading and thinking.  Continuing to build my exercise regimen.  Finding life fascinating.

To wit:  I’m doing all this exercise, and where do I notice changes?  My feet.  That’s right.  I can see the tendons in the tops of my feet again.  Building sexy from the ground up, anyone?

To wit:  I heard myself say, “but without facebook, I’ll actually have to talk to you.”  Yeah, that sentence stopped me dead in my tracks, because I was looking into the face of someone I love when I said it.  And that led to a quick tally of the amount of time I lose to facebook.  I’m calculating roughly (God help me) four hours a day.  That’s a lot of time that I could spend investing in personal face-to-face relationships.  It’s a lot of books read.  A lot of books written.  A lot of gourmet food, knitting projects, cleaning, meditating.  It is ONE FULL DAY per week that I could add back to my life.   Thinking hard on that one.

Okay, that’s all for now.  I’m still doing the Alphabet photos and the happy lists.  Those are on FB for now.  I need to find a better blog/social media integration.  Or not.  Maybe I just need to find a quiet and private LIFE.