354/362/2015 Channeling Scarlett O’Hara


You know, where she says “As God is my witness, I will never be hungry again!”? Yeah, that one. Now, I admit that maybe 15-20% of this bounty arrived in a holiday basket. For which I am very grateful, do not misunderstand.

But if you have been following along in my brain lately, you know I have been doing a lot of thinking about stuff and the amount of guilt my possessions often represent for me. I’ve been downsizing, divesting, decluttering. De-guilting. For all that we hear about living within one’s means, I am trying to figure out (still) how to live within my SPACE. I’m good on means. F’real.

This picture is not just a picture of my pantry. It’s a picture of too much. That’s why looking at the kitchen after I finished re-arranging was so evocative for me. It absolutely represented how I see my things now. My things are taking up valuable space, space I need to live. I feel trapped in here. Not in my house– in my stuff.

I need to keep chanting what I have said before: “There is enough. There is always enough. As long as I am not greedy, there is enough of everything for everybody.” I don’t need to live anymore as if someone is going to tell me I have to burn half of my possessions. I deserve more freedom than that.

It’s a fact that I just went through my clothes, books, and craft supplies. It’s a fact that I need to do it again, preferably today. And then I need to spend the next 37 weeks not going to the grocery store, because that smaller, taller shelf–it cannot stay there forever. It prohibits unfettered access to my coffee pot.