9 of 52

It’s Monday, and I should be working.  But what I am thinking about is sewing.  I’ve got a queen size quilt top that I need to lay out for final assembly.  I’m anxious to see it all together.

In other, less successful, news, my youngest daughter asked me to make her a kilt and I agreed.  We went to the fabric store, where kilt patterns were in short supply but skirt patterns were readily available, and she picked out two.  She chose a lovely dark grey floral cotton for her amazing skirt.

Yesterday, I started on it.  I laid out the pattern pieces, and cut out the skirt.  I struggled to understand the yoke instructions on this pattern that is labeled easy, but finally got past that.  And then I looked to sew the skirt front to the skirt back, and realized I had miscut the front.  Oops.  But no worries, it would be shorter that we planned, but still an amazing skirt.  So I had her try it on.  And it would not go over her hips.  We had cut (yes, she’s helping) a size 10 and she wears a size 14 in this pattern.  Guys, it’s pretty difficult to come back after you just cut the whole thing TOO SMALL.  We’ll be going back for another copy of the pattern, and more fabric.  And I have 1 7/8 yards of wonderful grey floral in assorted sized chunks for quilting.  Yay me.

The 3rd Fourth Doctor scarf is still in the basket.  I pull it out now and again and work a few rows.  There are three books on my bedside table, none of which have been opened in the past week.  But I’ve been sewing, and I’ve been spending time with people I love, and ….

I’ve been realizing that I really can do it all, everything I want to do.  I just can’t do it all at the same time.  And what I want to do most right now is connect with people, cut, and sew, so that’s what I am doing.