Gotta be a Better Way

I’m a dreamer, I know. But there are lots of things I’d rather do than the flooors around here. Since when is vacuuming fun? And you read all about my kitchen floor this week already. By the way, it’s done now, and I’ve been damp mopping for the past two nights just to keep it from getting bad again.

Now, I don’t think a ROOMBA is gonna work around here with the children. They do love to play with stuff, and who can ask them to resist that? But this new thing, SCOOBA does interest me. Man, if I could just turn that thing on, and go sit and knit while it took care of the floor, that would be a slice of pie, wouldn’t it? Like chocolate, only…..better. Ok, maybe not better than chocolate, let’s be reasonable after all. But easier housework is pretty much all good, yes? Yes.

I think that from now on, I need convenience. Some way to”buy” more time. I’d like my future cleaning products to give me more leisure, so that I can spend more time with the fam, instead of rushing them so I can go clean something.


Jo said…
Any full time Mom of eight (!)
DESERVES a Roomba AND a Scooba!
I think they should be tops on your Christmas List!


Cass said…
You playing Santa? LOL!! Thanks for dropping by!