Fairfield Resorts calling

Do you ever get curious about the telemarketers who call you ? Repeatedly? Ad nauseum and without end?? I do, so here’s some info on one of my frequent callers.

Fairfield Resorts began from a single Arkansas location in 1966 as a land development company selling subdivided lots, whole ownership condos and custom-built homes in large master-planned communities. As the timeshare concept took off, they moved into that market, and that’s generally what I get calls about now.

Today, over half a million families enjoy the Fairfield lifestyle, vacationing annually at one of more than 70 world-class resorts in 21 states and U.S. territories — representing 9,000-plus timeshare condominiums. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the company has close to 9,000 employees nationwide.

No wonder they can afford to pay people to call me and hear me say “No”. None of the free vay-kay incentives they offer apply to a family with 8 children, LOL!