Wash on Monday 2

I lost a bunch of edits when I posted on this the other day, but I still wasn’t finished.
We did have a schedule that worked until DD#1 started working nights. That effectively takes her out of the work rotation around here.

So when we left it on Thursday, I had this:
Monday: make sure laundry is totally caught up
Friday: spiff up the house for the weekend

That left Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Saturday
bathrooms, kitchen, *cooking, grocery shopping, checkbook and desk, church prep. I also need weekly “dates” with my independent schoolers.

Then there’s this to consider:
Tuesday-sometimes scouts
Wednesday-knitting group when I can get there
Friday-sometimes scouts
Saturday-sometimes scouts
and Grandmother as often as possible

*requires menu planning

Ok, that’s enough for now. Part three to come 🙂