Manic Monday-Hair

Do you enjoy having your hair cut/styled?
How often do you have your hair cut?
Are you particular about what shampoo/conditioner/other hair products you use? What are your favorites?
Do you think a man should accept his baldness or do the comb over/ toupee/Hair Club for men route?
What steps would you take if you started to lose your hair?

I enjoy having my hair brushed, but I am not sure that translates into having it cut and styled. My mom cuts my hair for me here at my house, so it’s a great time for the kids to aggravate each other and me, since I am IN THAT CHAIR and they know it. I used to like to have it doen, and I like the way I feel after a new do. I only get a hair cut when it starts looking abd. In fact, she was going to cut it about a month ago, but when I got in the chair, she looked at it and said “are you sure you want this, cause your hair is laying perfectly”, and I said “no” and got right on up. My hair just gets more and more opinionated as I age, so I don’t mess with it when it’s happy.

I use cheap stuff, Suave. Occasionally I splurge on a bottle of the pricy stuff, but I only use it occasionally so it lasts forever.

I have no opinion on men and their baldness, besides occasional laughter at those who take the combover a bit too far. As far as my own hair loss, I’ve had 8 babies, and I’ve lost my hair 8 times. It comes back. I don’t know what I would do if it didn’t. Probably cry.

2 thoughts on “Manic Monday-Hair

  1. Hi Cass- isn’t it true, our children always know when we are otherwise occupied- like when you are getting your hair cut. 🙂

    I know what you mean about hair falling out after having babies. Mine was thicker than ever when pregnant but it came out like crazy afterward.

    I’m glad you played Manic Monday this week, even it is is late. Anytime is just fine! 🙂
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. I HATE the look of men with bad comb-overs. There was this guy who worked at the bank I used to go to, and he had the World’s Worst Comb-Over. That man must have used a whole can of hairspray to hold it in place. That made it look even more fake!

    My husband’s hair is starting to thin out. Thankfully, he feels as I do about Hair Club, bad toupees and comb-overs, so he will just leave it and see what happens. Maybe just shaving his head would be an option. I would not mind that.

    Just PLEASE…no comb-overs! Gack!

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