Just call me Crackhead!

I bet that’s the last thing you ever expected to see here on this blog, isn’t it? But when I explain, I am sure you will agree with me. You know I drink coffee by the gallon, and you know I love me some chocolate. You know I have created cake frosting to combine those two flavor passions, and now someone else has combined those two wonders into a candy called crackheads. See, I told you it would make sense, now didn’t I?

Crackheads are espresso beans covered in white and dark chocolate. And. I. Want. Some. Now! Unfortunately, I will have to wait. Although the company is expanding rapidly, the candy is not yet available locally. It can be ordered on-line, though……. 😉

Here’s what the company president says about the candy:

The product was meant to give people a chuckle and to also provide the caffination that continues to make the global economy bubble, in a compact tasty form. We have all seen or acted like a crackhead at one point in our lives; absent minded, befuddled, implusive, irritable, loosing teeth, talking to ourselves, etc. Many of these symptoms are also prevalent in the caffeine endulging individuals of today (especially my parents and professors), and hence, Crackheads was born.

So here I am giggling as I type and shaking my head at the perfect clarity with which he describes me without my daily dose of java. Except for the teeth part. I still have all of mine, thank you very much.

Buy some Crackheads candy / gear here!

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