Gonna Get Me a LockBox

This is my personal space, right? Where I can vent just a little bit about aggravations in my life? I have a two pronged complaint today. I recently found out that my oldest daughter, she of the fresh not-even-nineteen-yet face has been using some of my alpha hydroxy skin care stuff. Now, I usually don’t mind sharing, but this just aggravates me, mostly because she didn’t ask. This is prong one.

Prong two is this: when I decided to go buy myself some face stuff of my very, very own, I discovered that neither of the drug stores here in “Bitty-burg” carry the stuff I want anymore. I want either Suave or Kiss My Face, and I want the whole product line that works together.

Now, listen. I know I am a mother of 8. I know that I will have to share almost everything from my food and drink to my bathroom. But I really am feeling a need lately to draw the line, to say “this much you may have of all that I possess, but this you may not because it is mine.” I don’t think that’s too extreme. I should not be the only person in this house without private property. So I am going to buy myself new face stuff, and I am going to tell those little females that it is mine. If they need stuff, they can let me know, but they are to leave my personal face stuff A-L-O-N-E.

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