Assorted Notes on Election 2008

I told you politics was coming to this blog, right? Here are a few things I’ve written in the recent past. I’m bringing over the comments as well, so feel free to jump on in the conversation 🙂

So, it’s Obama and Hillary for the serious contenders from the Democrats. It’s possible that Obama might make a decent president *if* he’ll not parrot the party line, and remember where he came from.

Hillary, she’s lost her mind. The American people will never vote her into office. We have a memory, after all. That shrill wind-bag? She just oozes “I count on my money to buy me what I want, including teh presidency.” Umm, no.

My early prediction: Rudy in a bi-partisan landslide. I said we have a memory, and there’s not an American over the age of 15 who doesn’t remember his firm resolve and balanced actions as mayor of New York on September 11, 2001, and in the days, weeks and months that followed.

Seems Miss Hillary has been busy already. In truth, I think she started preparing before Bill’s presidency ended. Her investigators have discovered that Barak Obama went to *Muslim school*. *Gasp, shock*. The line coming from them is that he “hid” this information, and that they have questions about whether he may not still be a Muslim.

We’ll leave the hilarity of this religious intolerance from the party of “it’s all good” for another day. Here’s the part they aren’t going to publicize: Mr. Obama’s attendance at Muslim school occurred before he was 10 years old. Yeah, they are holding the man responsible for the choices made by the child’s parents. Nor will they publicize the fact that Mr. Obama is now a Christian. I suppose that’s ok, because he doesn’t attempt to hide it.

Roaches and rats, eat their own, you know. And also apparently Democrats.

H/T: American Princess, Insight

Staunch conservative Mike Huckabee is tossing his hat in the ring for the presidency. Huckabee has previously served 10.5 years as governor of Arkansas, and had a good share of controversy while in that office. He’s opposed to abortion rights and gay marriage, which make him a favorite of right wingers like me. More interesting yet, Arkansas tends to lean Democratic, but he won twice by landslide. So, what’s he got?

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7 thoughts on “Assorted Notes on Election 2008


    I don’t particularly agree with your comment about Obama being a good President if he remembers where he came from. The man ran for Congress as a stepping stone to the Presidency and then can’t even finish out his first term before running. Nope, not my kind of man.

  2. He would be a good president if he would survive his presidency for longer than 5 minutes. Do you really think that he wouldn’t be assassinated as he is about to accept the presidency? I am not wishing for death, but this is the world in which we live. If Hillary gets in we are all doomed. If a republican gets in we are doomed…so pretty much screwed if we do and screwed if we don’t.

  3. She did get 67% of the vote in her last election. Now, I’ll admit I don’t know who her opponent is or how NY usually votes but I think she’s got a chance and is more qualified than Obama or Giuliani.

    I still want McCain though. We’re in a war and need a veteran for a president. We’re at 15 years now since the last one we had

  4. Yes, he is a Christian. If I am not mistaken, he belongs to the UCC denomination. I remember reading an article about him in the UCC newspaper. The UCC is a very liberal denomination.

  5. He’s [Huckabee] also pro-homeschool, which made a huge impact on what was and was not legislated while he was in office here. He’s reachable and his wife Janet is super involved with issues such as homelessness here. If he gets far enough, I’ll be voting for him!

  6. If you look over, say the last 40 years of presidential nominees, the ultimate nominee was well below the top three prior to their party’s convention. Even Bill Clinton was ranked 11 prior to the democratic primaries if 92.
    So if things trend the same, you can count on Hillary, Obama, and even Rudy to not even be contenders a year from now.
    As for Rudy, despite his moderate support on social issues, I really.can’ His “resolve” and all that crap, is just that.. crap. Living in NY, although not necessarily NYC, people up here just “know him better”. Another year in the public eye, he doesn’t have a chance (theres even a story about him this morning and how he continued to support Kerik, despite knowing his ties to the mob)
    Anyway.. someone in comments talked about NY and how Hillary got 67% of the vote here. Indeed.. she has been INCREDIBLE working for the state of NY as our senator. Things you don’t necessarily hear about in the national press. Do I want her as a president? Not really. I support her as a senator.. I just don’t like her war stance. Though I’d be inclined to support her just to have Bill in the back seat helping drive foreign policy. But outside of Obama and Hillary, I don’t have a candidate that I support yet… its FAR TOO EARLY to make a choice. No matter who it is, I will support my party’s nominee, plain and simple. As I suspect you will Cass. Even for as much as I admire Chuck Hagel, if he runs, and gets the GOP nomination, I refuse to vote for anyone other than the democratic nominee.

    As for McCain, he is senile and constantly changing his story. His remarks of a few days ago that you can walk through the streets of Baghdad are absolutely insane. If one insists on a veteran, I suggest support be thrown towards Wesley Clark in convincing him to throw his hat in the ring.

    No matter who the nominees are, or who the winner is, they have a real fine mess to clean up. Bush has undoubtedly been the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. This is exactly what happens when you let a failed CEO in the doors of the white house with a serial criminal at his side (Karl Rove)
    And Bush’s mess is exactly why EVERYONE is so anxious to start the next election cycle. Just get this “era” over with, ASAP. And move on to fixing things. The republican agenda has certainly proved that its not good for America.

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