Totally cooked

I am totally well-done, and headed toward tough and stringy. Well, in fact my hair is already stringy, and my attitude is pretty tough, so, I guess I am already there, aren’t I? What brought all this on? NO AIR CONDITIONING. I wish I owned a couple of nursing uniforms, just so I could look pulled together while I sweat to death. I don’t know of anything lighter than those. DD#1 has a pair of the pants, and she reports them quite comfy. And also cool.

I did not even get dressed today, because I refuse to wear anything heavier than my pajamas until the A/C is fixed. That will be tomorrow. We’re getting a new one, and it will have a 10 year warranty. And I should not have to see the A/C guy for quite awhile. Except when he comes to pick up his checks. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Totally cooked

  1. Very, very strange!

    As I type this, I am in my room cooking while the A/C repairman is down stairs installing a whole new unit.

    It’s approaching 88 degrees outside, and I just pray that everything goes well with the install, because it’s getting hot!!!!

    Best of luck to you as well!

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