One more hot post

And then I will shut up about it. For today. I expect to be cool tomorrow 🙂 Anyway, here’s a joke for you. Before I tell the joke, you need to remember the weight I’ve lost. If you are a new reader, then let me just share that a few months ago, I suddenly began dropping weight for no apparent reason. So……..

I think instead of thinking of the lack of a/c as simmering in my own juices, I should just consider it to be another free diet. Whaddya think? Laughing is better than complaining, right? RIGHT!

2 thoughts on “One more hot post

  1. Hi Cass. Hang in there! I lived in a crappy doublewide out in the country for years and the A/C was out constantly. It sucks! Having a sense of humor about it all really helps.

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