Still Simmering

I just want to announce that it is still so hot in my house that even sitting on my discount furniture is uncomfortable. (I can call it discount furniture if it was given to me, right? I mean I didn’t pay full price for it.) All that upholstery just makes me even hotter, so I am perched on my desk chair. I do mean perched, too. I’m sitting only on the front half of the seat, as far away from the back as I can get without falling off. And where my arms touch the desk, they are gross and sticky. Blech.

This has been a very expensive and trying time. But I am still blessed. I am thankful because as each new challenge has landed (fallen?? thudded??) on us, God has generously provided the resources to cover it. It’s been amazing to watch. That doesn’t mean I won’t be glad to see it calm down a bit around here, but …… I’m thankful just the same.

2 thoughts on “Still Simmering

  1. Yes, we are promised He will provide our needs, even tho He sometimes provides a luxury, He understands that we also are accustomed to some comforts. What an awesome God we serve!

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