Aggravatin’ Varmints

Two dogs have taken up residence in my front yard. They stand there barking at passers-by and generally making nuisances of themselves. It’s plum aggravating, I tell ya! Even more aggravating is the fact that the two dogs that belong in my back yard have gone missing. Oh wait, it’s the same set of dogs.

You know, I poo-poohed my cousin when he told me Rocky could chew his way out of a chain link kennel. Hahaha, I said. Yeah, right, I said. Joke’s on me, ya’ll. I’ve plugged holes and repaired fence, and they still get out. I’m hopeful that DH can rig a better repair this weekend, because frankly, until I can get them contained, how to kill fleas is the least of my worries. Those are aggravating to be sure, but it’s tick season now, and there are woods nearby, and what dog can resist that? There are ways to kill fleas naturally, but ticks carry nasty diseases.

The neighbors are getting pretty ill about it, too, and I really can’t say I blame them. Sigh. Any ideas out there in blogland for dealing with canine houdinis?

4 thoughts on “Aggravatin’ Varmints

  1. I have plenty ideas for equine houdinis as I own one. For the canine variety perhaps you could invest in an underground fence. My BIL has one and it keeps his dog in.

  2. Well, I don’t have time for that, Cynthia, at all. The yard is large, and the kids do play with them, fetch and such. I am allergic to them, so my contact has to be limited.

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