Selfish Shoes and Flowers

I did a selfish thing tonight, and I am not a bit sorry. I bought clothes for myself, and shoes for myself. I went to the store, and it was all about me! I got 2 shirts, a skirt and a pair of pants that all mix and match, and one plaid skort. And four, yes, four pairs of shoes. One, two, three, four. Muhahahahahahahaha. These I got tonight are dress shoes, as all of mine are sadly out of style.

I do enjoy a good pair of shoes. I like them made of leather, and I want them to be comfortable. Usually at home, I wear clogs. I have several pairs that my mom gave me for Christmas, plus a couple that I had before. You know how some people just perk up when they receive a fresh flower delivery? It just brightens their day so much that you can see it on their face? I’m that way with a good shoe. It doesn’t have to be a new shoe, though that certainly doesn’t hurt, LOL, but I can tell a difference in how I walk and move in a shoe that has great support. I walk a little smarter and hold my head a little higher, because I feel good.

Now, I have a birthday coming up, as Ang. reminded me tonight. I’ll just say that if you can’t decide whether to send a pair of fine shoes or order flowers, I wear a 7.5, and I’ll supply my mailing address on request. *wink*

10 thoughts on “Selfish Shoes and Flowers

  1. Oh! Mudd flip flops, Mudd pumps, Hotcakes heels and Steve Madden pumps. It was a sale! A BIG sale!

  2. ooh, I like Steve Madden. I really need to shoe shop myself. I own croc flip flops, several pairs of birkenstocks and a pair of nikes.. thats it. Of course the last time I was going to buy shoes they were croc clogs. Problem is, I never go anywhere that requires something nicer than what I already have!

  3. The last new dress shoes *I* bought for *myself* were…….in Topeka, and possibly in Colorado Springs. That means at least 8 years, and more likely 10. I stole a pair of TheClone’s from her, but I hardly think that counts, do you? It was time.

  4. Hello, found your blog today and want to let you know I love your “About Me” sidebar. Having 4 kids in 7 years seems to put the kabutz on buying clothes for myself since everything seems to be in the dozens of various sizes I have been. I can’t wait to buy a nice outfit once my size regulates. Kristen Mother of Four- Goddess of Chaos

  5. I bought 2 pair of shoes at the same time and now they are wearing out and need to be replaced.

    When you find a pair you like and feel good, you have to buy them in (almost) all the colours, right?! 🙂

  6. hi cazz,

    I stumbled upon your blog today while looking for advertisers for my own blog. I must say I like the way you write, it’s personal, light-hearted and fun to read.

    You wear clogs, too? Do you mean those that are made of wood and the top is made of plastic? I’m just not sure if you’re referring to the clogs found in Holland, or those found in Melaka, Malaysia.

  7. I’m a guy..and I love shoes too. Shopping is my best friend…. LOL. Talking about good pair of shoes, you might want to check out Christian Louboutin. I was drooling when I saw the shoes..haha. He should make men shoes too 🙂

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